Publicerat: mars 19, 2015 i When I´m back again

Vissa dagar faller jag tillbaka ner utmattningsgropen.

Det är när det blir alldeles för många måsten… det behöver inte alltid vara så tunga saker, men plötsligt så känns allt tungt. Orken försvinner. Jag blir kraftlös. Fortfarande kan jag känna att det är jobbigt att erkänna att jag klarar inte allt själv. Jag är inte stark ensam. Jag vill vara det, men jag håller inte. Så ser inte verkligheten ut.

Vissa dagar skulle jag helt enkelt vilja hoppa över. Vilja släppa allt, låta nån annan fixa det som måste göras och börja på en ny dag som är lättare… Men så är inte spelreglerna

Ge mig styrka!

  1. marriedtohyde skriver:

    Oh Lisa. I am sorry you had a day like that. It does feel like we cannot take time to be overwhelmed and feel our feelings, but it is important to acknowledge that some days are just bad and the light at the end of the tunnel is hard to see. I am struggling with a week of this feeling, but it is better…I can see my perspective is correcting again.

    Sending a big friendly hug to you!

    P.S. I did not realize how much Swedish and German are related until I started reading your blog and could understand chunks of what you said. Very neat.

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    • Lyckliga Lisa skriver:

      Marriedtohyde, I´m so glad for you and our contact. The possibility of translation is amazing.
      Even if some days are really down, and sometimes it´s hard to find word for all feelings, even this, I moustly wake up in the morning with a feeling of thankfulness and joy. I’m proclaiming my right to my own life again. And I have my wonderful support among friends and family. That’s make me thankful even there still is a fight to win.
      Thanks for your support and I wish you some rest and joy this weekend.

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      • marriedtohyde skriver:

        I am thankful too for you! :)))

        To wake with a sense of joy in the morning says that you know that someday the torture of x will end and you will cherish your freedom. I think we need God’s Spirit in us to be able to wake with hope and joy in the midst of great adversity. I have pondered about the way slaves had such love for God that seemed to keep them able to survive horrible, inhumane oppression every day. I look back at history and see the old story of abuse and entitlement everywhere.

        Your life will be beautiful and blessed, not only because x will be mostly out of it, but also because you have the hard-won ability to appreciate every small gift. Feeling grateful for freedom is something I never felt before all of this. I am glad you have supportive family and friends too. 🙂

        Have a lovely weekend also! Stay healthy and enjoy your moments. 🙂

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